Understanding Laundry Symbols

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Laundry tag with care instructions symbols

Understanding the laundry icons on your clothing:

You pulled the trigger and finally treated yourself to some much-needed or wanted clothing. You love everything about the new pieces you’ve bought, how they feel, how they fit your body, how easy they are to style, and most importantly the care instruction tag on the seem is not scratchy! You just know you are going to get some serious wear out of these staple pieces. The time has come time to wash them. You turn the clothing inside out, find the little tag… and now you are STUMPED! What in the world do these tiny little icons mean and how can I decipher them? Well stay tuned and be ready to scroll, we have de-bunked the most commonly used laundry icons for you below!

Machine Wash Symbols:

Machine Wash Normal Laundry Icon
Machine Wash Cold Laundry Symbol
Machine Wash Warm Laundry Icon
Machine Wash Hot Laundry Icon
Machine Wash Delicate Laundry Symbol

Do Not Wash Symbol:

Do Not Wash Laundry Symbol

Hand Wash Symbol:

Hand Wash Laundry Icon

Line Dry/Dip Dry/Dry Flat Symbols:

Line Dry Laundry Icon

Line Dry In Shade Laundry Icon


Drip Dry In Shade Laundry Icon

Dry Flat Laundry Icon

Tumble Dry Symbols:

Do Not Tumble Dry Laundry Icon

Tumble Dry Low Heat Laundry Icon

Tumble Dry Medium Heat Laundry Icon

Tumble Dry High Heat Laundry Symbol


Tumble Dry No Heat Laundry Icon

Iron Symbols:
Do Not Iron Laundry Symbol

Iron Hit Temp Laundry Symbol

Iron Low Temp Laundry Icon

Iron Medium Temp Laundry Icon

Bleach/Do Not Bleach Symbols:
Bleach Laundry Symbol

Non-Chlorine Bleach Laundry Icon

Do Not Bleach Laundry Symbol
Dry Clean Symbols:

Dry Clean Laundry Symbol

Do Not Dry Clean Laundry Symbol


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